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Precor Warranty Registration

Protect your investment. If you currently own Precor equipment, register your warranty here. It only takes a few minutes. You will need to have your serial number handy.

Why should I register my warranty?
It’s simple. Registering your warranty helps you by allowing our Customer Service team to quickly view which equipment you own, where you purchased it, where your equipment is located and other important information to provide service to you as efficiently as possible. The faster we find your information, the faster we can send our Authorized Servicers to help you.

What do you do with my warranty registration?
After you enter your information, it is saved into a master Warranty database used by our Customer Service team. If you have a Warranty service request, we are able to quickly view your registration and provide service to you more efficiently.

Do you provide my information to anyone else?
Precor uses your warranty information internally only. We do not, and will not, provide your information to any other party.

Where do I find my equipment warranty information?
A complete support packet is included with each piece of Precor equipment. The packet contains an Owner's Manual and a Limited Warranty statement, which contain all pertinent service information.

Where do I find the model and serial number?
For Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers™ (EFX®), the model and serial number will be on the rear of the equipment, near where the power cord plugs in. For treadmills, it will be on the label near the power cord entry and on the frame under the left rear of the treadmill. For Bikes, it will be located on the bottom of the frame (requires laying unit on its side). Other equipment have the serial number in a similar place.

Who do I contact for general Warranty questions?
For general questions about your equipment Warranty, contact Precor Customer Service at 1-800-786-8404. Be sure to have your serial number handy.

Who do I contact for a Warranty service request?

  • If you purchased from a Precor Authorized Dealer retail store or a retail Dealer’s website, first contact the Dealer. Be sure to have your serial number handy.
  • If you purchased online from or, contact Precor Customer Service at 1-800-786-8404. Be sure to have your serial number handy.

We are confident that you will be pleased with your purchase and that the equipment will help you meet your personal fitness goals.

To allow us to serve you better, please take a few moments to complete and return your warranty registration.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact your local dealer or call Precor Customer Support at 800-347-4404.

Protect Your Investment By Registering Your Warranty