The New Advanced Movement Design™ Strength Equipment

The New Advanced Movement Design™ Strength Equipment
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Precor has recently added to our Discovery™ Series Selectorized Line of strength equipment with four pieces that utilize Advanced Movement Design™, including:

What’s Advanced Movement Design?

These Advanced Movement Design strength pieces are designed with every exerciser in mind – from the newest exerciser to the most experienced member in the club.

With a greater range of motion, exercisers are able to challenge their muscles and build more muscle fibers through stabilization and core engagement. Each piece of equipment is designed to offer exercisers natural movement, a progressive platform, ergonomic design and the most effective workout possible.

Natural Movement

Advanced Movement Design features a converging and diverging axis for greater range of motion and muscle recruitment so exercisers can perform more natural movements.

Progressive Platform

Strength equipment featuring Advanced Movement Design is the natural next step for exercisers using the Discovery Selectorized Line.

Ergonomic Design

An improved pulley system, elliptical-shaped handle grips and angled movement arms all provide exercisers a smooth and natural motion.

Effective Workouts

Exercisers can expect greater balance and core muscle engagement when using equipment with Advanced Movement Design thanks to the independent movement arms.

If you have questions or you’re interested in purchasing, please contact Precor Sales Australia.



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