Why the Precor EFX® Is Your Best Cross Trainer Choice

Why the Precor EFX® Is Your Best Cross Trainer Choice
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Introduced in 1995, Precor revealed the very first Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer™, also known as the EFX, to the world.

Having become a worldwide favourite for people of many different fitness levels, the Precor EFX has a solid reputation of providing exercisers with intense and satisfying workouts time after time. Unlike treadmills and bikes, the Precor cross trainer is unique in that it moves in an ellipse shape.

Here are just a few factors that make the Precor EFX stand out in a sea of fitness equipment.

Easy On Your Joints

Similar to the popular Precor AMT, the EFX is a low-impact machine that is ideal for anyone, from hardcore athletes to those who are in the process of recovering from an injury, or people with painful knee conditions.

Because exercisers’ feet stay on the EFX’s footpads, the impact on users’ joints is significantly lowered, compared to the forceful impact experienced when a person’s feet land on the ground during running.

Push Resistance to the Max

There are 20 resistance levels on all Precor EFX. With the simple push of a button, you are able to easily adjust your workout.

Workouts can be made as challenging as you desire, with the ability to build resistance during your workout, or gradually over time as you get stronger.

CrossRamp® Technology

Our exclusive CrossRamp technology gives exercisers the option to choose among 20 different incline settings that adapt the angle of the EFX ramp. This allows users to target certain lower body muscle groups.

Available on most Precor cross trainers, the CrossRamp angle ranges between 13 and 40 degrees, and exercisers’ stride lengths reach between 53 to 64 centimetres, dependent on the incline of the machine.

Full Body Workout

Coupling the 20 CrossRamp settings with the 20 resistance levels, the EFX proves to be a fitness powerhouse, offering numerous combinations of workouts so you’re never tired of doing the same thing.

The addition of moving handlebars on most Precor EFX means that exercisers are able to work their chest, back, shoulders, and arms, while also working on the legs. Whether you choose to use the moving handlebars or just stick with the fixed ones for added stability and to work on your balance, you’re sure to feel that accomplished post-workout burn.



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