5 Fitness Apps to Motivate You to Work Out

5 Fitness Apps to Motivate You to Work Out
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These days, we use our phones and tablets for everything. Fitness apps are abundant, but it’s not always easy to figure out which ones will keep you motivated and consistently pumped to workout.

We suggest giving these 5 apps a try – they’re sure to keep you feeling inspired, informed, and ready to conquer that next workout.

Preva® Mobile App, Free

We may be a little biased since this app is our own, but believe us when we say it’ll keep you motivated.

With our Preva app, you are able to set your own fitness goals, track your daily progress and workouts, and view your history of accomplishments. The more you work out, the more badges you earn, which you can then proudly share on social media. Best of all, this app syncs with our Preva-networked P80 consoles. Whether you’re at the gym or on the go, you’re able to stay on top of your fitness targets.

7 Minute Workout, Free

Do you frequently have those days when are you unable to get to the gym, with barely any time available to devote to exercising?

This app will be your life-saver. 7 minutes is all it takes to squeeze a high intensity bodyweight workout in. The app gives you a series of 12 exercises that last 30 seconds each, with a recovery period of 10 seconds after each one. There’s even voice prompting, so you don’t need to worry about checking your phone to find out what’s next.

MapMyRun, Basic: Free, Month: $5.99, Year: $29.99

This app is great for living up to its namesake – it uses the GPS in your phone to map your route as you’re running.

The popular free version of the app records all of the important workout details you need: distance, pace, speed, duration, elevation changes, and the number of calories you’ve burned, in addition to mapping your route. You can view lifetime stats, achievements, and your split paces. If you pay to be an MVP, you’ll benefit from training plans, mobile coaching, advanced maps, and various analyses.

We dare you to try to set as many PRs as you can!

Zombies, Run!, $3.99

With so many great running apps available, it’s hard to exclude this one from our list.

Need something that may just scare you into running? This is the app for you. The app engages the listener with an action-packed storyline and game that turns any casual run into an intense zombie chase. In order to escape from the zombies that are out to get you, you must do what the app says. The world is counting on you, so try running a little faster and longer to save it!

Pocket Yoga, $2.99

If you’re too shy to try out the yoga class at your gym or simply too busy to have time to commute to and from the studio, then you need to check this app out.

Pocket Yoga makes learning yoga poses and practicing them easy. A pose dictionary shows illustrates the proper ways of doing poses, and you’re able to do full yoga classes guided by a soothing voice and music. You’re conveniently able to choose the environment that works best for you to channel your inner yogi – your house, your office, or the local park.



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