How Networked Fitness Keeps Exercisers Coming Back

Networked Fitness

How Networked Fitness Keeps Exercisers Coming Back

Over the years, the playing field has changed dramatically for fitness facility operators. Many went from being the only game in town to one of several clubs looking for market share. In came the low-cost model. Next came the big-box, amenity-laden facility at a low price.

If this describes your situation, now is the time to act. What is the next smart move that will give you the competitive advantage and, most importantly, help you retain current members and improve your operational efficiency?

Cardio equipment connected to the internet, or “networked fitness” as we call it, can bring many benefits to your business and may be the right answer. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself when making that purchase decision:

  • Is networked fitness equipment the right investment for your facility?
  • How do you get to the point where your facility's cardio equipment is delivering quality content?
  • Will the equipment hold up over time?
  • Will the manufacturer provide support to your facility?

Integrated technology in the gym

Most of us have already taken the plunge into the world of technology with smart phones, tablets and televisions that distribute subscription-based content via the internet. Incorporating this into your club or facility might be something you’ve considered to attract and retain members, as you did with introducing the elliptical, functional training and/or Spinning® to your facility. If networked fitness is the next new wave of change for your club, know that integrating it correctly is paramount.

Before you consider the features and benefits of a networked machine, it’s important to consider the delivery system.

The console

Here is where I get passionate and believe that Precor prioritizes doing things right versus doing them first.

The Precor P82 console is a beast. What do I mean? Whether it’s networked to Preva™ technology or not, the P82 is a durable touch-screen console that I believe provides an experience that others do not. When you tap the screen, it responds fast. When you grab the sides of the console while working out, it will not shut off. It will not scratch. It’s designed for the tough conditions in a gym environment. Basically, it will last a long time, leading to a great experience for both the owner and member. It’s a second generation console based on proven technology and a proven design.


What will it take to get the console to connect to the internet in your facility and how do you use it?

Precor consoles offer a Wi-Fi option, but that doesn't necessarily mean it’s right for your facility. There are many factors to consider when determining hardwiring versus Wi-Fi, such as your building, your location, and your internet provider. Furthermore, there's also a two-way commitment between the facility and manufacturer to ensure a successful rollout, meaning that proper training and support take place consistently – one training session is probably not enough.

The Precor difference

Precor will consult you on how to set up your infrastructure correctly, giving you the right information – none of that trendy info that is only designed to get your business. We'll work with your staff and train them to use the Precor networked fitness features to help your business.

These features include asset management; the Exerciser Activity Report, an in-depth look at your exercisers’ use of Precor cardio equipment and a great tool for running cardio challenges; Preva™ personal accounts, to engage and inspire members on their fitness journey; in-workout messaging to keep members informed about all your facility offers; and an unrivaled Video On Demand library, proven to make exercisers enjoy their gym more.

If you're looking to differentiate your fitness facility, give Precor the opportunity to discuss the Precor networked fitness solution with you and see if it's right for your business.

Request a demo to see how you can boost your facility's performance and give your members a top-of-the-line fitness experience.