Reimagine Your Facility with Our Total Solutions Approach

Commercial Fitness

Reimagine Your Facility with Our Total Solutions Approach

Success starts here. With a history of innovation, Precor designs and builds durable equipment with exercisers and gym professionals in mind. Take a look at our latest product offerings:

Updated Finishes on Quality Cardio

The Precor cardio solution can be tailored to meet your needs. Our mix-and-match portfolio allows any of our consoles to be compatible with any of our Experience Series cardio models. Our new, warmer cardio colours will enhance a facility design.


Explore Networked Fitness

Everything in our world is connected. It should be that way in your facility too. Our unique networked fitness solution, Preva®, is continually growing in its capabilities. With many new partners like RunTV, your facility can truly enhance your exercisers' fitness experiences by connecting them to the equipment and connecting you to them. Fresh new features like Bluetooth® headphone pairing, single sign on between Preva accounts and entertainment apps like Netflix™ and Spotify™ make it convenient for your members to stay up to date on their latest shows while getting in a quality workout.




Straightforward Strength

With a full range of approachable and intuitive products that perform for exercisers of all ability levels and will withstand the test of time, our offerings are the straightforward strength solution you’ve been looking for.


Swing into Queenax® Functional Training

Queenax is a unique functional training system with extensive options available to maximise your space and provide your facility a functional and/or boutique environment that your exercisers are seeking today.


Unleash Your Power with Assault Fitness

When it comes to HIIT workouts, your members require equipment that is going to push them to obtain maximum results from their maximum efforts. Assault Fitness equipment is built with rugged durability that is loved by athletes of all abilities. Your members will receive an unparalleled, intense training that is different from your ordinary treadmill or bicycle.

The Assault AirRunner and AirBike Elite all run on your own energy - it's amazing what you can accomplish when you unplug and use your own two feet. Experience Assault Fitness in partnership with Precor and find out just why these products are popular with HIIT programs across the globe.




Experience the Spinning® Difference

Spinning® is more than just indoor cycling - it's an experience. See how your facility can deliver a competitive, supportive, and energising studio-quality ride with Spin® bikes' power measurement system, leaderboard technology from Spivi®, and bold design.

Last year we introduced you to the Spinner® Chrono™ Power, the most innovative power bike on the market. This year we're excited to continue the tradition of excellence by introducing you to the Spinner® Climb™. Learn why Spinning® has been the industry leader in indoor cycling, instructor education, and programming for more than 25 years.




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