The 1st Year – Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

For Gym Operators

The 1st Year – Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

Here at Precor, we hope that in the year since your new equipment installation, you’ve seen your facility grow and your members reach their fitness goals. With one year under your belt, we’re checking in to make sure you’re getting the most out of your equipment.

While your staff and exercisers may be familiar with the new equipment, it’s important to continue to motivate and educate them on the new features available.

FOR YOUR STAFF: Rejuvenating Staff with Education
Since your Precor equipment has been in your facility, your staff should have a solid understanding of what it’s capable of and how they can help exercisers get the most out of each piece. However, are you using each piece of equipment to its full potential?

Twice yearly, Precor releases software updates to enable features on Precor networked cardio equipment to make it even more powerful than the day your equipment was installed.

Precor also adds features and tools to Preva Business Suite, the online portal that allows you to manage the networked Precor cardio equipment in your facility. Get the most out of these tools by attending a live, online training conducted by the Networked Fitness Educator. Sign up for a convenient time here. is a great resource for your staff to read about best practices, learn new features, retrieve new workouts, and receive inspiring tools to instill motivation into your members.

Refreshing trainer knowledge is also important for the Queenax functional training system. The capabilities of this system are so immense that Precor is constantly at work to deliver new tools and resources to ensure your staff and members get the most out of your investment.  

FOR YOUR EXERCISERS: Reinvigorate Motivation & Streamline Your Communication
Getting your staff reinvigorated with your year-old equipment is essential for success, but that’s only one step to motivating your exercisers. To ensure your exercisers are receiving the most personalized cardio experience possible, bringing a network connection to  your equipment is absolutely essential. This will elevate the touchscreen console beyond its role as a TV, and provide access to personal entertainment app accounts, personal fitness tracking, and the ability to customize the screen layout.

Custom-branded walk-up screens and in-workout messaging with through Precor Preva® platform are just two of the ways to, promote your brand and communicate to your members while they’re working out. Send promotional offers and updated group fitness schedules straight to your networked Precor cardio equipment to keep exercisers informed and engaged.

FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT: Maintaining Excellence
One year into your Precor equipment purchase, your equipment may still look new. However, it’s important to continue to service and maintain the machines to ensure they’re running as efficiently as possible.

At this stage in your warranty and service contract, your certified Precor service technician is available for service calls. Make sure you utilize their expertise to maintain your equipment to the Precor standards. In addition, continue to keep the service records of everything you do to the equipment. Similar to a car, the more complete the service records you have when you’re ready to trade in, the higher the potential resale value.

Rejuvenating your staff, motivating exercisers, and maintaining your equipment will continue to ensure that your Precor equipment continues to be your best investment.

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