5 Indoor Hobbies to Keep You Healthy Away from the Yoga Mat This Fall

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5 Indoor Hobbies to Keep You Healthy Away from the Yoga Mat This Fall

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy in cooler weather, but sometimes it’s good to step off the mat and focus on staying healthy and building strength in other ways. When you return to your mat, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for new yogic challenges.

As the crisp fall air sets in around us, pick a few of these indoor hobbies to put on your schedule. You may even find a new favorite activity and build a healthier mind and body while you’re at it.

1. Ice Skating

If you haven’t laced up your skates since you were a kid, now’s the time to get back into it. Ice skating is a great lower body workout and is fun to do with friends, significant others and family. The best part: many skate rinks offer “Free Skate” a few days a week; all you have to pay for are your skate rentals, if you don’t already own your own pair.

If you love your time on the rink, head to a second-hand sports store to buy an inexpensive pair of skates that will get you through fall and winter.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing

If you want to challenge your body in ways you never have before, head to your local indoor rock climbing studio. This perfect cold-weather sport was voted as the second best indoor hobby in 2016 for a reason: not only is it fun, but you must use both mental (concentration and precision) and physical (core, fingers and upper body) strength to complete routes.

A few things to know before your first visit:

  • Routes are rated based on difficulty, and most gyms use the Yosemite Decimal Rating System. Ask about beginner courses when you arrive to make sure you’re choosing the ones that are best for your skill level.
  • Your yoga clothes will likely be fine for an afternoon at the rock climbing gym. Stick with stretchy, close-the-body clothes, like spandex and a tank top or well-fitting tee shirt.
  • Check that the gym you’re going to rents out rock climbing shoes, which are made specifically for this sport.

3. Meditation Challenges

Staying mentally healthy in the cold months is harder than in the summer. With shorter days, less sunshine and bitterly cold days, seasonal depression sets in and can affect even the healthiest people. Use the fall as a time to get on track with daily meditation so you beat the winter doldrums.

A fun and easy way to do this is with meditation challenges. These will help keep you accountable and make meditation a habit, built into your daily routine. Here are a few meditation challenges to try:

4. Cooking New Recipes

As a fit yogi, you likely already do a lot of cooking for yourself, but how often do you try cooking something new? Use the cool fall weather as inspiration for discovering your new cold-weather favorites that are healthy too. Set small goals for yourself to keep you on track. Here are a few simple goals to try for:

  • Try at least one new recipe a week.
  • Cook one new type of produce each week. Think: different types of squash and winter fruits.
  • Transform one classic winter recipe, that’s traditionally unhealthy, into a healthier dish each week.

5. Cycling Classes

Indoor cycling classes became a new fitness trend a few years ago, but it wasn’t a passing phase. These high energy classes make you feel great while burning upwards of 1,000 calories, making it a great way to stay healthy outside of the yoga studio.

Most places offer a variety of classes including hybrid classes, that combine spinning and yoga, bands classes that include work with resistance bands and leaning bikes classes, where you have to move with the bike side to side for an extra core workout.

Try a few different kinds of classes the find the one you love before committing to a membership anywhere.

Step off your mat as the cool weather sets in and try something new. Whether you’re lacing up your skates or testing your cooking skills, you’ll stay healthy and find new ways to challenge yourself.

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