• 4 Queenax® Weight Loss Workouts

    If your focus is to exercise and lose weight, these 4 progressive workouts will give you the tools to utilise the Queenax frame, apps and optionals to reach your weight loss goals.


  • Queenax™ of the Week: Holiday Hustle Workout

    Boost your health and energy over the next month with this Holiday Hustle workout. 


  • Queenax of the Week: Turkey Tabatas

    Get ready for the holidays! This high intensity workout will challenge your functional performance, as well as your cardiovascular system.


  • Queenax™ of the Week: Shoulder Mobility Movement Prep

    Many upper body exercises involve the shoulders, especially body-weight and functional movements. Pushing, pulling and functional swinging exercises in particular require a strong base through the scapula. This routine should be performed as a movement preparation series focusing on higher volume repetitions while building a solid base, minimizing quantity of reps as strength increases.  


  • Queenax of the Week: Total Body Workout

    This short and intense workout incorporates four favorite movement types: pulls, pushes, rotation and metabolic exercises.


  • Queenax Movement Library

    Explore our Queenax™ Movement Library to find exercises on our various training applications. This resource will continue to be updated with additional exercises to expand your programming.

    See the Movements