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  • We surveyed 500 women to identify what you can do to improve female engagement and retention in your facility.

    Combining research from IHRSA and a Precor study focusing on fitness and strength training awareness, attitudes and usage, this report provides great insight into how to better engage with female exercisers through strengh training.

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  • Why Women Avoid Strength Training
  • Barriers to Overcome In Your Facility
  • How to Increase Participation After Barriers Are Gone

The facts have shown that women exercisers value strength training as a way to stay healthy and strive toward a well-toned body. However, women may be apprehensive or unsure of how to begin a strength-training program. After surveying 500 women between the ages of 18 to 55+, we’ve compiled the results into a report that sheds light on the top ten reasons why women don’t do strength training.

Use the insight from our report to help women overcome the barriers that they might face at your gym. Often times, a woman’s first introduction to strength training is when she joins a club. Build your female members’ confidence in strength training by helping them understand the many benefits of strength training, and how to properly use intimidating equipment or kinds they haven’t used before.

Our report offers you the solutions you seek in boosting strength training participation among your gym’s female members.

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