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    Create a Cardio Floor that Keeps Them Coming Back, Again and Again

    It's time to elevate your cardio area beyond simply providing a personal television viewing screen for your exercisers. The 880 line console not only offers a brilliant 15" screen that's ergonomically positioned to deliver crystal clear entertainment viewing for exercisers in motion, but it's also a direct-to-exerciser communication portal allowing you an opportunity to build your brand, share information about activities and services, and strengthen the sense of community within your facility.

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    Inspire and Inform

    Connect Your Facility to the Best

    In a networked environment, the 880 line console is the ideal portal to entertainment options beyond standard television including exclusives like Video on Demand, a curated selection of music, sports and entertainment videos. In addition to a selection of dozens of pre-programmed workouts, exercisers can create Preva® personal accounts to track, save and re-access favorite cardio workouts that they create. Operators will appreciate the ability to send customized in-workout messages through the networked consoles to alert exercisers to services, specials, contests, and other events to build brand and a sense of community. The Preva solution also provides visibility into cardio equipment usage to enable optimal equipment management.

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    Motivating for Your Exercisers

    Unique Features to Keep Your Exercisers Engaged

    For your exercisers, the Preva operating system personalizes their workout like none other. From workout tracking to entertainment options like Video On Demand, Preva hooks the exerciser and keeps them motivated throughout their workout. After all, motivation is key to keeping them coming back to your facility.

    See the affects that features like Video On Demand have on engagement and motivation of your exercisers. We surveyed over 1,500 exercisers in the U.S., Canada and U.K. and the results were stunning.

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    Consoles to Satisfy Any Need

    Not Looking for a Touch Screen Experience?

    Rest assured knowing that Precor has a console that will support your needs and those of your exercisers. The P30 and Assurance™ Series consoles are cardio floor essentials built to support your exercisers with the best workout possible, from programs, to ease of use and entertainment.

    No matter which console you pick, great entertainment options await. The console in each of these lines includes an optional entertainment cap or Personal Viewing System (PVS). For operators with specific media needs, the P80 with media adapter will help provide a seamless experience to your exercisers.

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