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Group Training

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Whether you're focused on class, team, HIIT, or circuit-style group training, Precor products combined with programming can offer new solutions to strengthen your group training offerings, attract new exercisers, and keep them coming back for more.

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Against the wall, in the corner, free-standing, or covering an entire studio—Queenax can play a lead or supporting role in group training by providing a personalized platform for functional and suspension fitness training just about anywhere. Unique training accessories will keep exercisers engaged and challenged and are easily reconfigurable to support a variety of classes.

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Group Indoor Cycling delivers an incredible workout and exudes a "tribal" mentality that appeals to new and existing exercisers alike. With top notch education and four Spinner® bike models to choose from, you can give your exercisers the riding experience they've been looking for. Add a strength component to this high-intensity workout by combining the functional training support provided by Queenax.

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Assault Fitness

Assault Fitness products are optimized for high-intensity interval training for a serious workout. Their lightweight frames and integrated wheels allow trainers to quickly and easily reconfigure the training environment, supporting a variety of programming styles. Complement short bursts of cardio with the Assault Fitness products together with functional and strength training on Queenax.

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TRM 731 Interval Treadmill

With the TRM 731 Interval Treadmill, you can join the HIIT trend and deliver small-group interval training on treadmills. When cued by an instructor, the group can quickly change their interval intensity setting using the one-touch speed and incline keys, dynamically adapting their workout. Functional and suspension fitness training on a Queenax unit can also be incorporated to round-out the workout.

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AMT Team Fit

Rev up your cardio floor with AMT Team Fit, an instructor-led small group training program that will excite your exercisers by uniting elements of aerobic conditioning, HIIT training, core and stabilization, and strength activities – all on a single machine. Take AMT Team Fit to the next level by incorporating it with suspension fitness training using Queenax.

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Programming Brings it All Together

Trying to renew interest in equipment you already own or want to showcase a new purchase? Programming can make the difference. Precor offers comprehensive CEC-approved programming for Queenax, AMT Team Fit, and Spinning®, along with a Queenax Workout–of- the-Week, to give you a launch pad to take your group training programming to the next level.

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