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Discovery™ Series

Strength equipment is a long-term investment and with the Discovery Series, you can make your strength purchase with confidence. With a full range of approachable and intuitive products that perform for exercisers of all ability levels and will withstand the test of time, the Discovery Series is the straightforward strength solution you’ve been looking for.

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Precor Quality and Consistency

The Discovery™ Series Plate-Loaded line provides the approachability and feature consistency you expect from Precor

Approachable & Intuitive - Built to satisfy all levels of exercisers in your facility, this line is the perfect combination of heavy duty strength, guided paths of motion and a design that is less intimidating to a wider population.

Built to Perform Long Term - The Discovery™ Series Plate-Loaded Line meets the demands of busy facilities and strong users with durable, welded frames that can hold up to the pressure. Resistance curves and independent moving arms allow for proper muscle recruitment and load for effective workouts.

Part of a Complete Package - And it all fits within the Precor package, providing you with a consistent feel in your facility.

An Important Element of Progressive Training

The strength journey for each of your exercisers will be different, and it is important to have a diverse portfolio to meet them where they need to be met in any given workout.

With Discovery™ Series Plate-Loaded products those looking to develop functional lower body squatting strength can progress through seated to standing to free weight movements - properly preparing them for real life applications.

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Precor Coaching Center

Get more out of your equipment with training videos, fitness articles, and downloadable workouts from the Precor Coaching Center. Precor also offers comprehensive programming for Queenax and Spinning® to take your equipment and programming to the next level.

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