Manually adjustable CrossRamp: Learn how to change the angle


Lower body muscles By changing the CrossRamp angle, you can focus on different lower body muscles for a custom workout.
Glutes and quadriceps The lowest CrossRamp angle focuses on your Glutes and Quadriceps.
Glutes The Medium Cross Ramp angle works mainly your Glutes.
Recommended for Fat Burner and Heart Rate Control preset programs.

The High Cross Ramp angle works all of your lower body muscles, Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calves.
Recommended for the Gluteals, Hill Climb and Cross Trainer preset programs.

For any preset program, you can manually adjust the CrossRamp to the position you prefer.

However, we recommend:

  • Cross Trainer – Change from Low to High during your workout
  • Fat Burner – Medium
  • Gluteals – High Heart
  • Rate Control - Medium
  • Hill Climb – High
  • Interval – Any
  • Manual – Any
  • Weight Loss – Any

Adjusting the manual CrossRamp

The manually adjustable CrossRamp is adjustable to three positions:

  • Low - 15 degrees
  • Medium - 20 degrees
  • High - 25 degrees

1. If you are on the EFX, dismount.

2. To adjust the CrossRamp, you can either straddle the equipment with one foot on either side, or stand to one side of it (shown).

CAUTION: To adjust the ramp, you must be standing on the floor. You cannot be standing on the equipment or the foot pedals.

3. Place one hand under the front of the CrossRamp and one hand on the lever.

4. Pull the front of the ramp up and toward you while pulling the lever back and up. This releases the ramp for adjustment. Carefully adjust the ramp to the desired height.

IMPORTANT: Before releasing your grip, test the ramp by gently pushing it down with your hands to make sure that it has securely clicked into one of the incline positions. The ramp should not move when tested.

5. Be aware of the position of the console and moving handlebars (on the EFX 222) when you are adjusting the ramp. Be careful not to bump your head on the console when you stand up.