Multifamily Fitness Purchasing Tools

Multifamily  Fitness Center Layouts
Start creating your apartment gym today.  Our layout tools help your property manager create a fitness center with the right mix of equipment.  Once completed,  we make it easy to share with a Precor representative for ADA considerations and 3D renderings
Precor Space Planner
Precor Service and Preventative Maintenance
Precor recognizes the challenges of running an unsupervised apartment or condominium gym with a limited amount of fitness equipment.  Keeping your residents satisfied and property staff and management productive means limited downtime.  Our focus on a superior ownership experience includes post sales services:
  • Quick Resolution — We complete most on-site repairs within 24-48 hours and deliver parts with a 97% on-time shipping rate.
  • Staff Training — To keep downtime to a minimum, we can offer customized facility training if desired, so your staff can perform minor repairs and general maintenance.
  • Extensive Technician Network — We have one of the largest networks of certified cardio and AV technicians in North America.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Precor provides bi-annual service appointments to maintain the health of your gym investments. We perform multi-point inspection and services that can spot issues early and keep your equipment in top working order.
Precor Financing
Precor realizes that every multifamily property and business situation is unique.  It is because of this, we have a dedicated staff of experienced professionals that work together with you to assemble a financing/lease package that meets the needs of your business.  Precor works in strategic partnerships with many financial institutions to create a financing/lease package for your business needs.

  • Precor has some of the longest consistent partnerships with finance vendors in the industry.
  • Precor has a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff to help you make the right decisions for your business.
  • Precor can offer a variety of financing solutions for your business.  
  • Precor is committed to providing you a fast, efficient, and enjoyable financing experience.
For more information please contact your Precor equipment Representative or one of the team of Precor Finance/Leasing professionals.   Let us help you create a financing package that works for you