3 Big Precor Announcements at Our First CES

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3 Big Precor Announcements at Our First CES

Between Las Vegas, awesome new electronics and Precor fitness equipment, how could the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) get any better? Exhibiting at CES for the first time, Precor has shown attendees how its Preva® networked fitness solution successfully delivers a personalized health and fitness experience. Here are the three big networked fitness announcements from our first CES appearance.

Preva workouts can now be automatically added to Microsoft HealthVault

Preva exercisers can now connect their accounts to Microsoft HealthVault, the secure, web-based platform that helps you gather, store, use and share your health information.

Using Precor touchscreen consoles on any Preva-enabled exercise machine located in nearly 2,000 fitness facilities throughout the world, exercisers can set up a new Preva account or use their existing account. After tracking workouts on an exercise machine or with the Preva Mobile app, exercisers can then connect to Microsoft HealthVault.

“The goal of HealthVault is to help every individual create a full picture of their overall health and wellbeing, and then use that information with tools and services that improve their lives. Preva is a fantastic example of both of these -- they make it super-simple to track workouts in the gym or via their mobile app, and they provide motivation to exercisers through a unique rewards system that reminds them that their hard work is paying off. We’re thrilled to have Precor as the first fitness equipment partner in our growing ecosystem.” - Sean Nolan, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft HealthVault

Announcing the largest networked fitness installation in the world

Arizona State University -- with more than 300 pieces of Preva networked equipment -- is now home to the world's largest networked fitness installation in its effort to create the 'healthiest university' in the United States.

ASU Preva Networked Fitness Precor Bikes

Nearly 300 pieces of P80 cardio equipment have been installed across ASU's Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe and West Sun Devil Fitness Complexes. Since the Preva re-launch, these facilities have seen an increase in traffic of 15 to 20 percent.

“Quality of life on campus is dependent on having the right health and fitness resources available. Equipment variety in our gyms is just part of the picture, whereas Preva networked fitness offers a personalized fitness experience students of all wellness levels need to succeed for the long term. Each student who walks through the Sun Devil Fitness Complex doors has essentially their own ‘personal trainer’ keeping them on track toward their fitness goals.” - Tamra Garstka, Director of Sun Devil Fitness

ASU opened its newly updated fitness centers with a two-month "Cardio Challenge" for its students. Students created personal Preva accounts and began recording their workouts while also being encouraged to download the Preva Mobile app so they could enter workouts completed outside the gym. Up to 1,000 students who logged 500 minutes received a free shirt, and the exercisers who logged the most minutes at each of the four facilities won an iPod. The challenge resulted in almost 3,000 Preva accounts that accounted for 1,905,600 workout minutes. Furthermore, Preva will be the official fitness tracking app of the Pac-12 Fitness Challenge in February. For more information on ASU's networked fitness installation, check out this recent Geekwire article.

Make fitness entertaining with DIRECTV

Instead of lounging on the couch, exercisers are able to enjoy their favorite television shows while working out on Precor cardio equipment, including the Adaptive Motion Trainer®, ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes.

“Consumers can go from the couch to their local fitness facility and enjoy the same great programming and wide selection of HD channels. Our integration with Precor will completely change both the viewing and exercise experience when they hop on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. Keeping that New Year’s resolution about working out more just got a lot easier.”
- Michael Wittrock, senior vice president of Sales and Distribution, DIRECTV
DirectTV Logo
DIRECTV is integrated into the P80 console of the Precor Experience Series™, offering a ‘best in class’ personalized HDTV experience featuring more than 100 popular channels. Ideal for hotels and other fitness operators, the DIRECTV-enabled cardio equipment promotes longer, more enjoyable workouts that will keep exercisers coming back. Precor is the only manufacturer to offer DIRECTV-integrated fitness equipment.