4 Campaigns Working to Boost Body Image Perspective

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4 Campaigns Working to Boost Body Image Perspective

In a world where media and society set the standards of what is deemed “beautiful” and “acceptable” when it comes to the appearance of one’s body, many feel pressured to conform to a certain mold. It seems that if we’re not the perfect height, weight, and shape, then we’re not considered attractive.

In reality, this is nowhere near true – it’s impossible to define the “perfect body.”

Many organizations around the the world are acknowledging the body image issue and are making significant strides in developing campaigns that promote widespread self-confidence and better outlooks on behalf of society toward individuals’ bodies. Here are a just a few campaigns we recommend you check out.

#1: My Body Gallery

This website (which contains images that may be considered sensitive to some viewers) is devoted to helping people “objectively see what we look like and come to some acceptance that we are all beautiful” by showing pictures of what real women and men look like.

Here’s how it works: at the top of the page, you enter some variables, such as height, age range, weight, pant size, shirt size, and shape – you can choose the variables that fit your measurements, or random ones. From there, you will be shown images that people have voluntarily uploaded of themselves that fit within the range you selected. Scrolling through the pictures, it’s easy to see that, even though people may have the same bodily dimensions, no one looks the same. In fact, each person’s uniqueness can be celebrated as beautiful.

Read the website’s blog on “My Body Stories” for readers’ stories about the struggles associated with body image and confidence, and how they are actively working to overcome them.

#2: Dove

Well-known to many, the Dove Real Beauty Campaign has been an ongoing project for nearly 10 years.

Several self-esteem-boosting campaigns have resulted from Dove’s popular movement, often featuring women of wide age ranges, sizes, and shapes. These campaigns promote confidence and focus on the theme that women are beautiful no matter their body type.

The viral Dove Real Beauty Sketches video is an example of one of the company’s campaigns. As the most-shared ad of 2013 with 4.24 million shares, the video features a social experiment that brought and still manages to bring more attention to the issue of body image, showing that “You are more beautiful than you think.”

#3: Body Gossip

In the UK, Body Gossip uses art and education to “empower every body to be the best version of themselves and rock their own brand of gorgeous."

People can submit stories and share their body image and self-confidence experiences. Some stories are turned into short films while others are posted for people to read and feel inspired by. The community of Body Gossip brings together people who are proud to be who they are, and helps people achieve a sense of self-acceptance and happiness.

Body Gossip’s Education Program offers self-esteem classes to teenagers, and Body Gossip on Tour has university students create their own Body Gossip theatre shows.

#4: Special K

You’ve probably seen the Special K commercials with catchy music featuring women who nervously step onto bathroom scales, unsure of what they will weigh in at.

Much to their surprise, the scales reveal phrases such as “joy,” “drive,” “pride,” “hope,” and “freedom” in the place of a number. Through this and commercials like it, Special K is emphasizing that beauty is more than just a number on the scale.

Special K’s latest endeavor is the Fight Fat Talk campaign. Noting that 93 percent of women say harsh, critical things about their bodies, the company is attempting to puta stop to the negativity so often involved with peoples’ perspectives on body-image, and focus on the positivity of each person’s unique body. Learn more on Special K’s website and by seeing what others are saying with the hashtag #FightFatTalk.

Love Your Body

Some argue that these campaigns are just touching the surface of the issue, focusing on appearance rather than one’s personality and the other outstanding characteristics that truly define a person. No matter your take on the issue of boosting body image, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone must start somewhere. To some, campaigns like the aforementioned may be the fuel individuals need to work their way toward boosting their self-confidence.

Here at Precor, we are firm believers that you should love your body. After all, one of the lines of the Precor Creed is “I believe the human body is an amazing thing.” Rather than concerning yourself with how society thinks your body should look, take pride in and have respect toward your unique, amazing body.

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