4 Things Top-Rated Clubs Have in Common

For Gym Operators

4 Things Top-Rated Clubs Have in Common

What makes the best clubs stand out from the competition? It usually boils down to four factors: leadership, team, culture, and programming.

As a leader, make sure that you're taking the following steps to position your club for success.

The following is a summarization of an education session from the 2015 IHRSA Convention, produced with full permission from IHRSA. The full-length video is available for purchase at ihrsastore.com.

About the Speaker

Tracy Stepp is the Human Resources Director at the Claremont Club in Los Angeles.

Top-Rated Clubs Have These 4 Things in Common

What Makes an Outstanding Club?

Everyone wants to make a difference in their club and the world. Passion is a driver within the health and fitness industry. A standout fitness club requires visionary leadership, the right staff, a culture of understanding and excellence, and powerful programming. One or two of these attributes will create a great club, while a club with all of these attributes will be outstanding.

Strong Leadership

A leader should provide and demand excellent service, challenge people to be their best, build trust, earn loyalty, be a mentor, and be approachable. Good leaders create and maintain relationships with all of the people they work and interact with on a daily basis. A visionary leader recognizes the importance of people and takes care of them.

Dedicated People

People are your greatest asset. The right people in the right positions make your club outstanding. Value more than skills. Promoting internally gives your staff a sense of pride and appreciation, which can result in staff retention. Recognize exceptional performance and help your staff grow their talents. These actions impact the culture of your organization in a positive way. If your staff feels appreciated, recognized, and engaged, they will be passionate about your facility, more productive, and will stay with you longer.

Passionate Culture

Clearly defined values create a culture of respect, support, excellence, commitment, and friendliness. Demonstrate respect at all levels. Approach both problems and opportunities in constructive ways. Do not tolerate negativity; instead, encourage a culture of fun and positivity.

Celebrate your staff and culture with employee events, holiday parties, and community outreach. Engagement creates relationships, which leads to retention.

Provide positive feedback to your team. Positive feedback increases creativity and loyalty-producing positive energy. With community outreach, you are serving the needs of the less fortunate, possibly helping save lives, and giving employees a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Powerful Programs

Regular support groups for illnesses, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, create a strong sense of purpose. Provide a meeting space and open it up to your members and community. Offer summer camp scholarships to financially disadvantaged children or develop pediatric and young adult cancer wellness programs.

Work on community fund raising. Meaningful work improves staff morale and creates happier workers, which translates to reduced turnover, increased productivity, reduced burnout, less litigation, and greater profitability.

Time put into enhancing your leadership skills, nurturing your team, promoting a positive culture, and creating life-changing programs will be time well spent. Follow these guidelines and your club will be outstanding.