6 Fitness Industry Organizations Gym Operators Should Know

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6 Fitness Industry Organizations Gym Operators Should Know

You’re a gym operator. You know that providing your fitness facility staff and members with knowledge of the recent developments, advancements, and technology that is emerging in the fitness industry is necessary for establishing a strong sense of expertise and respect within your community. Also important is putting that insight into action.

So where to begin? With an abundance of resource- and research-providing organizations within the fitness industry, it’s not simple to know where to start.

Below are six key organizations you should know and follow. Whether through social media, their blogs and websites, or e-mail newsletters, stay in-the-know with the latest fitness industry happenings and spread that knowledge within your facility.


If you’ve been familiar with the fitness industry for awhile, you’ve probably heard of IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association. This well-known trade association serves health clubs, gyms, spas, sports clubs, fitness facilities, and fitness suppliers globally. Together with its members, IHRSA is “dedicated to making the world healthier through regular exercise and activity promotion.”

IHRSA hosts a number of convention and trade shows every year, with tons of international exhibitors present. These are great networking events while providing the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest in the fitness world through a wide variety of group workouts, product demonstrations, and seminars.

Club Industry

This media source aims to inform fitness business professionals – CEOs, owners, and management personnel from nonprofit and for-profit fitness facilities (including government and military fitness facilities, universities, and corporate and medical wellness facilities). Building a strong community between buyers and sellers in the fitness industry is part of Club Industry’s mission statement.

National Fitness Trade Journal

This trade publication focuses on providing fitness facility managers with updates on the latest products, services, equipment, and technology in the fitness industry. The journal has a wide, diverse reach – colleges, professional sports teams, athletic clubs, YMCAs, fitness centers and many other facilities benefit from the knowledge that this journal gives.


As a fitness professional, you know that exercise science and sports medicine play an important part in your industry. In order to stay up with the latest research and advancements in the health and fitness industry, consider becoming a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. This worldwide membership organization, widely known for its reputable certifications, is made up of scientists, clinicians, academicians, students, and health and fitness professionals.

ACSM also hosts a Health & Fitness Summit where you can build your industry knowledge through attending lectures on developments in exercise science, sports medicine, technology, personal training, fitness management, nutrition, and much more. Furthermore, take part in hands-on workshops, trending workouts, and networking opportunities.


The American Council on Exercise is a nonprofit organization that provides research, education, training, many certifications, and more to the health and fitness industry. Through continuing education courses, free webinars, and other professional resources, ACE gives fitness facilities insights into a variety of topics like how to build a strong staff, improve member experience, and increase business growth.


The Association of Fitness Studios provides studio owners and entrepreneurial fitness professionals with the benefits, resources, and tools necessary to succeed in a competative market. They are the only trade association dedicated to providing this level of support and education to help fitness studios enhance their profitability. AFS also provides the platform for entrepreneurial fitness professionals to start their own businesses. With their unique and specific focus on small facilities, they are a valuable organization for any studio owner to join.

Do you have a favorite organization to follow in the fitness industry? Share with us in the comments below.

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