7 Best Partner Exercises for Valentine’s Day

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7 Best Partner Exercises for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with chocolate, champagne and praying that you won’t forget either one. But Cupid’s favorite holiday can also provide an excellent opportunity to work out with the one you love before enjoying those luscious spoils.

To that end, we’ve developed a list of seven partner exercises that are high energy and -- dare we say it? -- romantic.

1. The rotational medicine ball transfer

Stand with your partner back to back, then rapidly transfer the medicine ball back and forth as quickly as you can for 5 minutes, twisting at the waist.

Variations on this include facing one another and passing the ball back and forth while you lunge, and passing the ball back to back over the top of your heads. Of course, be careful not to drop the ball on your beloved with the latter.

2. Punching and holding the bag

We all know boxing is an amazing cardiovascular activity, so get your heart amped in another way by taking the day’s aggressions out on the bag while your partner holds it.

You'll get your pulse up and your partner will practice a form of resistance training. Then switch – after all, caring is sharing.

3. The passing run

You may have done this one in high school. The person behind passes the person in front, then the person in back passes that person. With two people, however, we suggest merely breaking up your leisurely jog with occasional passing sprints. The competitive tension should get you fired up!

4. The stretchband

Mimic the push and pull of romance with a taut, tricep-challenging stretchband. Show your unbreakable relationship by having each of you pull at an end of the band. After all, there’s always a happy ending when you wind up back together.

5. Body weight squat

Face your partner and grasp their forearms in your hands, asking them to do the same. Then slowly bend your knees and lower your body toward the ground, paying close attention to your quads and hamstrings. This may be the best Valentine’s Day exercise; you can gaze into your loved one’s eyes while exercising to boot.

6. Jump rope trade-off

Get in touch with your inner 3rd grader by jumping rope with a partner. Only one rope? No problem.

Jump furiously for a few minutes, then pass it off to your Valentine. A few back-and-forths and you won’t have to worry about that chocolate and champagne you’re counting on later.

7. Wheelbarrow push

Another fun activity from your youth, the wheelbarrow push involves one person “walking” on their hands while a partner holds the legs.

The leg-holder steers, but needs to make sure not to overtake the hand-walker as falling can ensue… and we don’t necessarily mean in love.  Who knew this was so good for you when you were practicing for Field Day?