Fitness Professionals

  • Understanding Allostatic Load: How balance will help you perform at your best

    Understanding allostatic load, the adaption process, and your own body is key in finding the perfect amount of outside stimulus needed to make the changes that we are looking for from our workouts.


  • AMT® Superset Workout

    Maximize time and results with this AMT® Superset workout that combines free weights and AMT exercises.


  • Superfunctional™ Movement Library

    The Superfunctional™ Movement Library includes videos of favorite Queenax™ exercises.


  • Cardio Preparation Exercises for Active Aging Clients

    Build a base that will help boost your older adult clients as well as provide them with the confidence needed to use cardio equipment to maintain and improve overall health. 


  • Safety Considerations for Introducing the EFX® to Active Aging Clients

    Find tips to establish a safe training environment when working with older adults on the Precor EFX®. 


  • Corporate Athletes: Meet the Precor EFX®

    Busy schedules and the expense of joining a private gym often keep corporate employees from maintaining a regular exercise routine. Whether you are new to exercise or a corporate athlete, the EFX is designed to enhance the cross training experience.


  • Meet the Master Coaches

    Meet the Precor Master Coaches. Our Master Coach team contributes to content and course development for Precor, and delivers premium onsite continuing education coursework on our equipment.


  • Precor Treadmill HIIT Training by ACE

    High intensity interval training helps achieve maximum fat burn while allowing you to keep your client's heart rate up during a training session. Watch the video below to see how you can incorporate this Precor Treadmill workout developed by The American Council on Exercise into your clients' routine. 


  • Precor Treadmill Long Slow Distance Training by ACE

    This long slow distance treadmill training video from the American Council on Exercise introduces a training plan structure and provides form techniques to help runners building towards half marathons, marathons, triathlons and other distance events longer than 30-60 minutes.


  • Master Coach Global Location Map

    Precor has over 50 Master Coaches to support our customers around the world.


  • Lower Body Blast Workout

    The Lower Body Blast Workout utilizes the Precor Smith Machine and is designed to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. 


  • Precor Squat/Push/Pull Workout

    The Squat/Push/Pull Workout is a total body strength training workout on the Precor Smith Machine. The workout combines 5 sets of squats with 5 supersets of pushing and pulling movements.