Marketing Your Queenax™

For Gym Operators

Marketing Your Queenax™


Precor has created a number of tools to help you market your Queenax and educate your staff and exercisers on getting the most out of the equipment. Whether you're looking to deliver comprehensive programs on Queenax or simply want to provide foundational information for equipment utilization, we have created a variety of resources to support you.

Marketing Materials Developed by Precor

Along with your Queenax Foundations training course, you will have the option to use pre-developed and customizable marketing tools for promoting programs within your training space. The programs flyer and postcard can easily be posted or distributed among members and have the capability to integrate your brand. Simply drop in your logo and adjust the program information to reflect your offerings. Email Precor Education for the files.


Precor Group Training Business Manual 

This free Group Training Business Manual will consider how you can tap into a new revenue-generating market within your facility, and even attract new members by way of a compelling and truly differentiated group training program. Download the full manual on the Precor Coaching Center. 

Queenax of the Week Workouts

Queenax of the Week Workouts are now available on the Precor Coaching Center. You will find a series of workouts  that include movements that can be done with a variety of Queenax training tools. These can be shared with fitness professionals, exercisers, or can even be posted on your website or in the Queenax training area in your facility.


Queenax Application Tutorial Videos 

Find exerciser-facing Queenax training videos below and in the Product Tutorials section on the Precor Coaching Center. View Strong++, Up-Strength, UFO and Superfunctional™ video loops, or contact Precor Education for the video files to feature in your facility.



Queenax Movement Library Video Loop for Unmanned Training Areas 

The Queenax Movement Library Video Loop is recommended for Queenax training areas with limited directed staff support, such as hospitality, multi-family, and corporate environments. Exercisers can easily reference how to safely and correctly setup Queenax training equipment . The video includes videos of fundamental movement patterns, and directs users to the Precor Coaching Center for more advanced exercises and workouts. This resource can be used in conjunction with the Movement Library Poster or as a stand-alone tool.


Download the Queenax Movement Library Video Loop. 

Queenax Movement Library Poster 

The Queenax Movement Library poster is available for download and includes over 30 movement suggestions for use with a variety of Queenax applications and optionals. This 24" x 36" is poster is recommended for facilities with less supervision in their Queenax areas. A QR code in the top right corner of the poster takes exercisers to a more comprehensive video movement library on the Precor Coaching Center. Download the PDF of our Queenax Movement Library Poster

Queenax In-Club Video Loop 

Show your exercisers how Queenax™ can help them get the results they are looking for! The new Queenax promotional video loop can be played on video screens in your facility to showcase the various capabilities of your Queenax system. It is designed to encourage proper use of Queenax by showing your exercisers how to perform some of the most popular exercises. 


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