Queenax® of the Week: Obstacle Course Conditioning

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Queenax® of the Week: Obstacle Course Conditioning

Written by - Melissa Stansell, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Trainer

Develop strength and cardiovascular capacity to achieve the various movement challenges of obstacle course racing!

If you are seeking a new physical challenge through obstacle course racing, this 4-week program will guide you in improving your full body strength and cardiovascular conditioning safely and effectively. With a variety of Queenax apps and optionals, you will improve lower body, core, and upper body/grip strength, as well as develop cardiovascular fitness to endure the various obstacle challenges, such as climbing, hanging, pulling, etc.  Below is a list of what equipment is needed for your workouts. While a few of these movements are unique to specific apps (UFO or 4D Pro), many can be performed or similarly replicated with the Queenax Superfunctional or other suspension fitness products such as TRX® or CrossCore®.

Equipment Needed

  • Queenax
  • Superfunctional
  • Up Strength
  • Mobile Parallels
  • UFO
  • 4D Pro
  • Plyo Platform

Workout Recommendations

  • Ensure that you complete the warm-up and cool-down for each workout.
  • Perform each workout 2 times/week, allowing 1-3 days of recovery between workouts.
  • Follow the work and recovery intervals as listed. However, listen to your body. Take short rest periods as needed during work intervals to ensure proper exercise technique and safety. You also may increase recovery interval length after a specific movement, if needed. Strive for quality over quantity of movement when completing this program!
  • Find videos of many of the movement patterns here, as well as set-up information for Superfunctional.

View full workout below or download it here.