Queenax of the Week: Best Workouts of 2017


Queenax of the Week: Best Workouts of 2017

The New Year is fast approaching. Whether you’re looking to mobilize, play-out or workout, you’ll find a great workout to help you feel your best during the holiday season. Here are our top 5 favorites from 2017. Find more Queenax workouts here.

Queenax of the Week: Q & A Challenge

The Master Coach Team at FIBO 2017 challenges you to beat their times with this high intensity "Q & A" workout. Using Queenax and Assault HIIT cardio, you will perform exercises at 5 stations for time.

Functional Dry-Land Workout for Swimmers

This dry-land functional workout for swimmers will work your upper body and give you the strength to push through water easily.

Queenax of the Week: Recovery Day

This restorative movement sequence focuses on core awareness and movement quality. 

Queenax of the Week: Superset Circuit

This program incorporates all seven Queenax movement types using seven different Queenax Apps and Optionals that are found on most Queenax configurations.

Queenax of the Week: Turkey Tabatas

This high intensity workout will challenge your functional performance, as well as your cardiovascular system. 

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