Suspended Squats on Queenax

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Suspended Squats on Queenax

By Jeff Groh, Precor Master Coach

Have you seen videos or in-person demonstrations of the Superfunctional™ Suspended Squat on Queenax™? Have you wondered what the purpose of the movement is, and how it can enhance your training? Watch this video blog by Master Coach Jeff Groh to learn about this unique movement. If you love play-based exercise, board sports, or core training, this is a must-watch video.


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Jeff Groh
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A passionate movement educator, Jeff Groh is an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, and a fellow of the Gray Institute. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science and is an educator for ACE, Precor, and the YMCA of San Diego.

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