Reignite Your Indoor Cycling Offering with the Spinning® Brand

For Gym Operators

Reignite Your Indoor Cycling Offering with the Spinning® Brand

Over the last 25 years, the Spinning® indoor cycling program has become a worldwide phenomenon. Thousands of loyal customers and enthusiasts of all fitness levels are heading to health clubs and fitness studios all over the world to get the very best indoor cycling experience possible.

With that said, it’s very important for a facility to have the best bikes necessary to deliver that optimal indoor cycling experience. This is why more facilities choose the Spinner® bike and Spinning education over any other indoor cycling program. Spinning has many years of experience to rely on, and that is why they are able to keep innovating and creating the best bikes to accompany their amazing education.

Recognizing participants’ sustained enthusiasm for Spinning makes reinvestment in the Spinner® bike by Precor a confident—and indeed, imperative decision for fitness operators who seek to satisfy their members and grow their businesses.

This post is co-written by Spinning® Master Instructors Josh Taylor and Terri Arends. For more information, see the authors' bios at the end of the post.

Quality: Built to Last, Easy to Maintain

What makes the new line of Spinner bikes manufactured by Precor the perfect choice for your facility?

In a few words, it’s all about quality and confidence. Everything on the new line of Spinner bikes has been improved – from the ride feel to the corrosion-resistant, sleek design.  Nothing has been overlooked. The entire commercial bike line has been redesigned to meet today’s most demanding clientele while keeping the iconic and superior feel of the authentic Spinner bike.

A bike should work so well that you don’t have to think about it. It should seamlessly respond to the rider’s input, feel comfortable for the duration of a long workout, and withstand the extreme level of use that gym and studio bikes take day in and day out. The long-lasting quality of Spinner bikes is one of the ways facilities can save money through operational efficiency. 

As Master Instructors, we’ve ridden hundreds of indoor cycling bikes over the years and we have learned what works: If a bike is simple to work on, then they’re simple to maintain. Many bikes on the market today don’t provide a realistic cycling experience or have complicated designs that don’t lend themselves to reliability. Broken bikes, old bikes, and bikes that are not properly maintained send a negative message to members. Yet, reliable state-of-the-art bikes combined with edgy, innovative programs demonstrate to your members that you are dedicated to helping them reach their wellness goals.

Precor and Spinning have taken every integral part of the iconic Spinner bike and made it better. For instance, the frame, drive train (both chain & belt), handlebars, saddle, and other components have all been modified through better design and manufacturing processes. The result is a fit and finish much like that of a high quality sports car that you notice immediately when you take it for a ride. Give the new bikes a try and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

Confidence: A Better Experience for Riders and Instructors

But the real story for you as the operator is that this exceptional quality not only gives a superior riding feel and level of reliability – it also provides a higher level of confidence to both the program and its participants. When riders can trust the bike they are riding on, it allows them to focus deeper on the workout and the amazing energy in the room! The beautiful thing about this is that it translates to an excellent overall experience for each rider because they can really connect to the effort and moment.

This also allows your instructors to be more effective because they have confidence in the bikes they are riding. Further, it allows instructors to focus on the important thing in their class - its members. It only takes one bike breaking down to interrupt a class and because of this, you want bikes that perform well in every class your instructors teach. 

Understanding that facilities are making a big investment when they purchase bikes is important.  Both Precor and Spinning take this very seriously. With Precor, we can say without a doubt that you, as a facility buyer or owner, will be getting the best the industry can provide in terms of quality, reliability, and support. We’re very impressed with the new design of each of the three models (the Ride™, Shift™, and Rally™) and cannot wait to start this new and improved journey with the Spinning program and its new partner Precor!

For more information, specifics, and specs on the all-new Spinner line of bikes contact your local sales representative.

Josh Taylor is a Senior Advisor, Brand Ambassador, and has been a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program and Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. for over 19 years. He is also a former Professional Cyclist that has raced on several U.S.-based professional cycling teams for more than a decade. In all his years of training, racing, being in the pro peloton, and learning from some of the best experts in the cycling industry, Josh has gained great insight and experience that he is inspired to bring to the world of cycling, both indoor and out.

Terri Arends is the group fitness director at the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center of Dallas. A dynamically trained fitness professional, Arends holds a master’s degree in sports management and is certified through NASM, IFTA, and KBC. She also serves as a visiting committee board member on West Virginia University’s College of Physical Activity Sport Science Department. As a Spinning Master Instructor, Arends puts fitness to work with group programming that rallies participants to meet their fitness goals and encourages the development of community.