Spinning® Success: Why You Should Add Indoor Cycling to Your Club's Bucket List

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Spinning® Success: Why You Should Add Indoor Cycling to Your Club's Bucket List

Upon reflection, indoor cycling veterans should appreciate the dynamic shifts in product innovation over the last 30 years.

From brand swapping to fitness on demand to swimming in a sea of Wi-Fi from our living rooms  the bike that goes nowhere can still bring a smile to millions of faces around the globe.

This post was written by Tracey Harvey, who has three decades of experience working in the health and fitness industry –currently specializing in managing wellness over illness in older adults. For more information, check out "About the Author" at the bottom of the page.

Having attended every IHRSA show since 1988, the game-changing trade show was in 1995. This was before sound policing became a mandate and track suits and tennis shoes were exchanged for cycling garments. Intensity training was adopted and athletics on the bike were measured in the volume of sweat you produced with the helpful use of personal heart rate monitors. 

There are many nostalgic takeaways that companies within the fitness industry could learn from glancing back to invigorate their business today. The fact that two companies which stand for quality and innovation are uniting to bring a combined experience of close to 60 years is the first indicator you are lucky to have such a reputable resource at your fingertips. The reputation of Precor for building quality equipment to support natural movements propelled into the commercial club market in the 90s, with award-winning treadmills and the worldwide launch of the first Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer, the EFX 544. The cultures of Precor® and Spinning® now align in harmony as both have established roots and passion for innovation, high quality and performance.

New Spinner® bikes launching in early 2016.

Indicators of Success

Cycling Popularity

The fascinating history of the bicycle dates back to 1860 and the activity continues to be a force regardless of age, fitness level or ability.

As indicated in the 2015 Physical Activity Report, bicycling remains in the top 10 list starting at age 6 to 65+ years young. The excitement of cycling has remained consistent over time, and the simple brilliance of two avid cyclists  Johnny Goldberg and John Baudhuin, founders of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.  coming together in 1991 to refine bikes has invigorated clubs and their members worldwide. Club members became fitness enthusiasts year round and the Spinning® education platform re-introduced the love of riding to adults that in turn became consumers and a lifeline for the traditional bicycle dealers today.

Energy Zones

Music continues today to have positive psychological qualities for those that get out and move.

From Jazzercise in the 70s to aerobics in the 80s, music always played an important role. However, the important qualities of tempo and rhythm fueled the beginning of the Spinning® movement in the 90s and fascinated the onlookers that witnessed tradeshow demonstrations. Spinning® surprised many naysayers and the indoor cycling category became a major trend that, according to an Industry Trend Report, has entered into the mature cycle. This indicates that the category has become a mainstream activity. 

Personally, I continue to travel the nation and never miss an opportunity to attend a variety of classes. For those operators who have not seen a drop in class participation, who have certified instructors and who continue to bring current innovation to members, I applaud you. For those that think quality equipment lasts forever or believe their members are satisfied  I would think again about your room location, new bikes, your instructors and class/program design.

Some best practices for even seasoned instructors and operators should include taking inventory of the exercise room following classes to ensure bikes are clean and operational, and that leftover items like towels are removed. Often, instructors that introduce themselves and assist with bike fit and proper form will gain more followers than those who teach for their own workout. However, the most important tip of all should be to coach and inspire your members to stay Spinning® all year round.

The Champion Mentality

Participation drives a sense of community, and the psychological empowerment is promoted by participation. Innovation has come at an accelerated pace and nothing is more powerful than when members experience body-changing results from participating in club programs.

Club operators that did not have the mentality to “try before you buy” early on thought Spinning® was an extreme workout club. Those that joined the bandwagon and broadcasted the cardiovascular and endurance benefits became the "change champions" and Spinning® moved forward one instructor and one member at a time. The sure thing that will drive success in all areas of programming is to broadcast the results and showcase the positive outcomes.  

Headlines always state that innovation brings financial success, so partnering with companies that have innovation in their DNA makes perfect sense. It is no coincidence that the established Precor culture of building reliable, dependable products is poised to enhance the Spinning® experience. Together they will continue to shape new fitness categories and inspire educational elements.

The indoor cycling category may be middle-aged, but trust me, the best is yet to come. Know your brands and add Spinning® to your club's bucket list.

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Tracey Harvey, National Program Director Wellness Services, EnerG® by Aegis Therapies, is a nationally recognized leader in contract rehabilitation and wellness services with more than 8,400 therapists and clinicians providing proven therapy services in over 1,400 facilities across 42 states. Harvey has over three decades of experience in the Fitness/Wellness/ Retirement Living Industry and champions evidence-based programs across the nation to increase overall results using aspects of innovative business development tactics to drive quality, consistency, and successful outcomes.

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