Up to the Challenge? Take the Adult Fitness Test

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Up to the Challenge? Take the Adult Fitness Test

Do you remember the mile test from your elementary school days? Well if you think the days of the physical fitness test are long behind you, think again! There’s an adult fitness test that will challenge your physical fitness and help you reach your goals.

Why you should take the President's Challenge

The President’s Challenge is an adult fitness test that you can take on your own to gauge your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscular strength. Fitness tests are a great way to see how fit you are and create a baseline for improving upon your current fitness levels, such as creating a new workout routine.


What the President's Challenge includes

The test consists of the following activities:

    • 1-Mile Walk OR 1.5-Mile Run   This portion of the challenge measures cardiovascular fitness. If you’re just starting out, opt for the 1-mile walk test. If you’re a regular runner, try out the 1.5-mile run test.
    • Push-Up and Half Sit-Up   Completing these two exercises will put your muscular strength and endurance to the test.
    • Sit and Reach Test   Flexibility is an important, yet often overlooked, part of physical fitness. This test helps measure the flexibility of your hamstrings, which are important muscles when it comes to proper posture.
    • Body Composition Test   Taking a quick measurement of your weight to height ratio, or Body Mass Index (BMI), can help you gauge your overall fitness. Please note that BMI is not an accurate measurement of fitness for some populations including older and very active people.

For details on how to take the President’s Challenge Adult Fitness Test, check out the full instruction booklet here.

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