These Calorie-Burning Chores Can Help You Get Fit

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These Calorie-Burning Chores Can Help You Get Fit

Need motivation to get your home in tip-top shape? Look no further than your own body!

Whether you're planning a thorough spring cleaning day or you need to get inspired about mopping your floors, remember that household chores burn calories, too. According to Calorie Lab, a 150-pound person could burn as many as 170 calories per hour putting in moderate effort during various household chores. How's that for inspiration?

In addition to all those gym sessions, you can really start feeling the difference. So put your back into these 10 chores and amp up the sweat factor.

1. Laundry

Yes, that's right; one of your least favorite chores can actually help give you a little push in the fitness department. Carrying heavy loads of clothes challenges your upper body. Plus, folding clothes can help you work everything from your biceps to your core. Add some pep to your step when you put those freshly laundered clothes away for extra calorie crushing.

2. Vacuuming

Those perfectly coiffed ladies on vacuum cleaner commercials are not milking this task for all it's worth. Slip on a pair of gym shoes and really work those nooks and crannies. Vacuuming offers yourself the chance at a full-body workout. The more you have to do, the better!

3. General Tidying

If you have kids, every now and then, things end up miles away from their proper places.

A quick 15-minute spurt of tidying can go really far. Again, wear some athletic shoes (they prompt you to bend and move in ways regular shoes don't). You can even wear a pedometer to track the steps you take as you're putting things in their place.

4. Scrubbing

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it, huh? Scrubbing really creates a burn in your arm and back muscles, so don't pass over this task if you're looking to tone these areas.

5. Washing a Car

It's so easy to just put your car in neutral and pay $10 for a car wash. Unfortunately, this route causes you to miss out on the opportunity to break a sweat. Get out in your driveway with a bucket of suds, and exercise your arms and legs. Your car will appreciate the face-lift, and your body will sing from this full-body activity.

6. Gardening

Yet another outdoor activity that can be great for burning calories is gardening. Not only can you take advantage of the soft breeze and birds tweeting in your ear, but you can also reap the physical benefits of spending time in your yard. Carrying heavy pots and plants to and fro and digging up dirt can really be a tough job!

7. Washing Dishes

Even if you own a dishwasher, it can be therapeutic and physically stimulating to hand-wash your dishes every once in a while. Stacking, carrying, and scrubbing pots and plates, especially after a big feast, can give you quite the upper-body workout.

8. Grocery Shopping

The overwhelming hustle and bustle of the crowd mixed with the confusion of trying to get everything on your list (or in your head) can be too much -- exactly why so many people dislike this chore. Instead, wear your pedometer and think about all the extra steps you're gaining from strolling through your neighborhood grocery. Plus, if you it applies to where you live, carrying bags up a flight of stairs adds yet another fitness challenge to this regular chore.

9. Bathing Your Dog

Giving your dog a bath just became a lot more alluring, right? This weekly ritual doesn't have to be horrible for you or your dog. Turn on some music while you scrub, wash and rinse your pet. Although the mess can be a headache, extra points for your dog if he or she escapes and makes you give chase!

10. Ironing

This task can be great for toning your upper body, especially if you do it for long stretches at a time. The repetitive motions involved in ironing can actually be quite calming and you can do this chore on auto-pilot while still burning calories.