Using Snapchat to Connect with Millennial Gym Members

For Gym Operators

Using Snapchat to Connect with Millennial Gym Members

Everyone knows that social media is a cheap and – if done well – effective way to engage current and potential members. But with so many different social platforms, where should you start?

It pays to focus your efforts on the platforms that will allow you to best reach your target audience, and one of the most popular social channels right now is Snapchat. Here are seven content ideas to help gym operators get their Snapchat up and running.

What is Snapchat?

It's a social media app that lets you share photos, videos, and messages. Media sent 'directly' to a user disappears after one view, while media posted to a user's 'story' will stay published for 24 hours. Among 18 to 34 year olds, Snapchat is now the third most popular social network (behind only Facebook and Instagram).

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Classes

An engaging way to capture exercisers’ attention is by using short videos (10 seconds is the maximum video length in Snapchat) to film fitness classes in your gym.

Use the videos to demonstrate exercises and tell users to go to your website where people can see the rest of the workout or class. Encourage users to come into your gym to participate in classes. Moreover, people can ask you questions about how to do an exercise, helping you to build a relationship with the potential customer on a personal level.

And if you're ready to take your Snapchat game to the next level, you can add a geofilter for your gym so members can show off where they're working out.

Gym Updates and News

Bringing in new trainers? Expanding the gym? Your followers want to know, so keep them updated regularly with the news at your gym.

Using Snapchat, you can create 24-hour "stories" to show change as it happens. If you’re expanding your gym, give them a play-by-play update on how construction is going. Show new equipment being installed. Show trainers learning new routines. Sharing news is a good way for members to see active improvement in your gym that they may not have noticed otherwise.

Fitness Challenges

Snapchat is the perfect venue to run fitness-focused challenges for your members. Make sure to ask participants to post about their experience and results. You can also record video of competitions that you’re holding at your gym.

Remember: get creative with your challenges! They can be for a single day or even last for weeks, and involving classes or gym equipment can be a good way to boost attendance.

7 Ways Gym Operators Should Use Snapchat

Promotions and Special Offers

As you build a following, you can reach a vast number of people using Snapchat – potentially many more people than would be possible with traditional marketing techniques – while building loyalty to your gym. Followers are more likely to look at your story for news about the gym and check back often so they don’t miss a post. This makes it easy to promote discounts and events that are happening soon.

Snapchat Takeovers

Let your trainers take over your gym's Snapchat account for a day to give top tips on how to perform workouts and exercises. They can also share interesting facts about themselves, such as their favorite piece of equipment, which helps your members get to know your trainers better.

People love getting a behind-the-scenes look, and encouraging interaction between members and trainers can give your club a more personal feel.

Member Involvement

Remember that the stars of the gym are your members.

Focus on committed members and document their progress by recording them (with their permission, obviously) doing exercises for the first time, or updates on their progress showing how they have improved physically. By doing this, you're showing potential members what kind of results they can get if they come to your gym and use your equipment.

Encouragement and Fun

Have fun with your gym's Snapchat account! But when showing tutorials and how-tos, ensure safe instruction and proper tips. In other words, try to find a good balance between having fun and being serious about fitness.

Using a Snapchat account to market your business may sound cliché and superficial, but using one can help you grow your business by helping your customers feel more connected to their gym.

Ready to get started? Find out how to use snapcodes around your gym so members can easily add your account.