Why buy Precor fitness equipment? Bike

We’re moved by making it easier for you to reach your goals. Whether it’s looking good, staying healthy, reaching a new personal best, or just living life, that’s what we care about. And that’s why we create extraordinarily innovative products that move the way you move and work the way you work. So you can enjoy a more positive, motivating and empowering fitness experience.

Precor has distinguished itself as a worldwide industry leader, providing state-of-the-art fitness equipment to health clubs, hotels, spas, fitness centers, and private homes all over the world. We’re proud of our hard-won reputation for producing fitness equipment that’s easy for people of all abilities to use and durable enough to withstand years of use. The same experience and commitment to quality that goes into all of our commercial equipment also goes into the creation and manufacture of our home models. So, however far you take your personal fitness, we’re right there with you every step of the way.

Backed by one of the best warranties in the business. We stand fully behind every piece of fitness equipment we produce. We’ve been building equipment to withstand the repetitive rigorous workouts of commercial use for years, so we know quality and durability. We’re proud of the work we do and the respect we’ve earned, so we’re confident in warranting all home products and commercial products used in the home for the following periods:

  • Lifetime frame and welds
  • 10 years parts and wear items for any commercial bike purchased for home use
  • 1 year labor

Why buy Precor Bikes?

Exercise bikes have been around for decades. They are a proven, time-tested way to improve cardiovascular conditioning. But if you’ve ever used one with a clunky pedal or a rough, noisy resistance system you know the experience can be anything but smooth. That's not the case with a Precor bike.

For the past thirty years, Precor has been creating products that have withstood the most trying environments and the most demanding users. That's because we design and build every product to offer the user a smoother, more flowing exercise experience. Precor bikes have been designed to fit your body and work with its natural movements, instead of against them.

So what is it about Precor  bikes that help you move so well?

Upright and recumbent models.The two most popular seating formats are available. Both are designed to be comfortable and supportive for an effective non-weight bearing workout.

Built to last. Like all Precor equipment, our bikes are built with quality components and superior construction to promote years of trouble-free use.

KOPS ergonomics.Precor bikes are built to KOPS (Knee Over Pedal Spindle) ergonomics, proving you with maximum comfort and proper form for an effective workout.

Special features to help you work out better. Our recumbent bike features a step-through design for easy entry and exit. You don’t have to step over the bike to be seated. Our upright bike features specially designed handlebars with three riding positions – upright, cruising and racing. Both feature dual-sided pedals so you can either strap in or pedal loose.

Comfortable seats. The Precor recumbent bike features the air flex seat for a more comfortable ride. Custom-designed ventilation and suspension keep you cool and comfortable for your entire ride. The seat on the upright bike is ergonomically designed with plenty of padding. It can even be changed to your personal seat for a more custom ride.

Ease of use. Precor bikes are designed with easy-to-read, navigable consoles that make sense. With handheld heart rate monitoring with SmartRate®, determining your heart rates is as easy as placing your hands on the handlebars.

Pre-set workouts. The most successful exercise program is the one that users stick with over time and Precor bikes help in that endeavor by offering programs that are challenging and motivating.

Self-powered.All Precor bikes are self-powered so you can place them anywhere.

Moving forward, we will continue to focus on understanding the role fitness plays in everyday life and how you interact with our equipment. We use every observation to create equipment that makes exercise more engaging, enjoyable, fluid, and natural. And we believe we’ll change how you think about and pursue fitness again in the future.