Elements of Boutique (Part 2)

Elements of Boutique (Part 2)

As mentioned in our Part 1 of this series, the modern terrain of fitness has a very different look to 15 years ago and is a world away from the Crunch, Karen Voight studios and Joe Weider Gyms of old. But when looking at the historical creation of the industry we can see some similarity and we can use elements of the old ways to our success in the new vision of BOUTIQUE FITNESS for any long-standing clubs.

The ultimate elements of a successful fitness facility harp back to the days of the member demand rather than the corporate delivery of think tanks. This is reflected in the last five years of the industry trending toward the preferred boutique that members love to invest time and money in. In short, members want to be made to feel special, members want to be involved in the process of their own fitness and members want to take control of their journey.

Luckily, “we have an APP for that” spring’s to mind but how on earth can this be made real. What elements do you, the operator, truly need to create that boutique feel whilst maintaining your own club identity.

Create a plan. In Part 1 we took the boutique offering of Indoor Cycling. This time we look at how to “boutique” the Functional Training space within the training room. With space in high demand and coming at a high price per square foot, using that space as efficiently as possible whilst offering a wealth of very on trend training options, is a project you can really get your teeth into. If done well, it’s a money bank that can lend itself to future growth. Let me introduce you to a solution - QUEENAX™.





Queenax™  - Small Group PT, dedicates time to an individuals goals whilst training in a small group facilitated environment on a variety of training apps and stations. This allows for ultimate use of studio space.

Your members demand on-trend workouts, time efficient pills of exercise that cure the fatiguing lifestyles that they lead, and provide fitness in a one-stop shop. I cannot emphasise enough the benefits to boutique facilities and the opportunities that having a Queenax system affords you and your members. It can be a gold mine, whilst maintaining amazing training solutions full of surprises for your members.

Rig systems are usually what I call 2D. They are essentially kettle-bell storage frames to hang a punch bag from and make big claims about being a functional training tool; when in fact it is not functional within the space at all. In most cases, it becomes a clothes horse on the gym floor. Queenax however breaks that mould and rewrites the rule book on functional rigs.

In fact, Queenax rigs, and there are many to choose from, come not only with “Apps and Optionals” allowing you to really bespoke your training space, but with the training systems and programs to fill that space in your revenue plan and schedules.

These beautiful styled Queenax functional training units multiply the training space within a facility, include education to ensure training is delivered with confidence and are uniquely flexible to be reconfigured for more types of functional training than any other unit. The Training Apps encompass a wide range of tools and accessories that are used for floor exercises and for activities that take place on the Queenax unit itself. The Optionals are accessories that can be added to the frame of a unit to allow for function or storage. They can be permanently mounted or removable and can create additional training stations.



Programming is the fundamental difference which allows you to create a driven, exciting and profitable small-group training offering for customers, based on progressive systems and categories of movement. Your trainers become Queenax Coaches* (once they complete the certification*) and are trained in a handful of extendable programs that they can bespoke to individuals, slot-in to the schedule as-is, or use as a base to grow over weeks and months.

Building Small Group Training on Queenax

Queenax is an excellent platform to ignite a facility’s small group programming. The flexible platform offers a natural pathway to developing 1-1 coaches into hybrid personal trainers. Combine this with the multitude of Apps and Optionals available on Queenax and you’ve got a recipe for success!

An example, could be Queenax Boost, a time efficient 30-minute or less goal-oriented program.

Coach-Led class format:

  • Optimised for groups of 4-6 participants
  • Superfunctional total body tri-plex designed for efficiency

3-minute triplex comprised of:

  • Movement 1: Stable training position (Queenax Category 1 or 2 exercise)
  • Movement 2: Integrated movement or high tempo action
  • Movement 3: Active recovery

This is just one option from a list of opportunities provided when you embed the fundamentals of function using Queenax within your space.

With a motivated coach, maybe some energising music driving the member to achieve more and a 1-1 coaching attention within a small intimate group, there is a mutual understanding that success and reward comes hand in hand with fun and belonging. All of which are part of the boutique effect.

All in all, to really create the boutique experience your members need to feel cared for, listened to, engaged with and loved!



Take on some of these ideas and let us know if you need help in designing your very own Boutique Studio within your clubs. Get the basics right and you cannot go wrong.

For an overview of what is possible to create with Queenax watch this video here and hear more about the Queenax training courses here.

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