How Functional Training Can Improve Your Facility

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How Functional Training Can Improve Your Facility

As an operator, you’re used to taking the time to make the best purchasing decisions for your facility. You know that providing unique equipment sells the whole club experience to your members – and creates a valuable arena for group training. Having versatile and challenging equipment, such as speed and agility tools, stability tools, and self-myofascial release tools, sets you up for a successful group training area.

According to an IHRSA session, it’s best to “reserve a particular space for group personal training. Include specialized equipment in the space and allow access exclusively with trainers.”[1]

When it comes to your gym’s trainers, make sure they are qualified for the job. The IHRSA session1 also notes your trainers should be:

  • certified and preferably possess college degrees in a health and wellness field
  • energetic individuals who can inspire and motivate others
  • taking the time to connect with members personally and professionally
  • educating clients on the proper techniques, programming, and forming new habits

Stop and ask yourself right now: do you have an area in your facility that is reserved for functional group training, and is your staff equipped with the knowledge to properly train members? Fitness professionals say that functional group training motivates clients while also encouraging results. The more engaged and motivated your members are, thanks to a positive training atmosphere and friendly gym staff, the more time they’ll spend in your facility. This generally leads to higher rates of member retention1. Overall, functional group training offers your facility the opportunity to reach more people and grow your training business.

Queenax®  is a functional training option that can make the difference in your facility. Read on to learn how our Queenax education platform will prepare your staff to train with confidence on Queenax and see why people like Jesse Sallas, the fitness director at Club Northwest, said:

“Since the opening of [our Queenax area], we have grown from 10 hours of programming with 4 classes a week and serving an average of 35 members a month, to 27 hours of programming with 11 classes and serving an average of 90 members a month. It’s been great to watch it grow and we’re only getting started. I appreciate all your help in making my vision of the Queenax become a reality.”

What Does Queenax Education Provide?

When you invest in Queenax for your facility, you open the door to unlimited training possibilities, and we are with you every step of the way to make sure that you have the resources you need to make your Queenax a success.

With your purchase of a Queenax unit of $10,000 or more, you will receive a foundational Queenax workshop that takes place at your facility. A Precor Master Coach will deliver the full-day training that focuses on small group training in the following areas: metabolic conditioning, core fitness, monkey bar mastery, Superfunctional™ use, and team training. The CEC-approved workshop is interactive, hands on, and covers information regarding unique Queenax functional tools as well.

The Master Coach takes into consideration the needs and goals for your specific Queenax unit, and will work with you and your staff to generate ideas on how to reach those goals. Whether your facility wants to offer your members small group training classes or is interested in using Queenax for personal training sessions that will generate secondary revenue from your members, the Master Coach can adapt their class to suit your goal.

If your Queenax purchase was under $10,000 and doesn’t qualify for the complimentary training, you can still purchase either a half day or full day of training. You do not want to miss out on this valuable learning opportunity that will have a direct impact on your members, your trainers, and your facility. Take it from Aleka Collins from the Gainesville Health and Fitness Center:

“Our team had such a blast yesterday. I can tell you that I have been through countless fitness trainings, and yours on the Queenax felt the fastest! It was so much fun! Thank you for challenging our bodies, but more importantly our minds - and encouraging us to think outside the box. […] You were thorough, concise, yet exploratory.”

Did we mention that all participants in our Queenax training receive 0.7 CECs from ACE and NASM?  It is just another reason to get your training team involved.

Continued Support

Rest assured that you will continue to receive support for your Queenax investment long after your training has been completed. Our education team works hard to keep the following resources up to date and easily accessible:

Queenax Movement Library

This is a go-to resource for learning exercises that can be completed on a wide range of Queenax apps and optionals. Our training manual has more than 300 exercises that can be performed using Queenax functional fitness. Photos and descriptions accompany the exercises and present them in a format that is easy to learn from.

The Queenax Movement Library is perfect for teaching new trainers, developing workout plans for Queenax small group training classes, or sharing with exercisers who are curious about how to use Queenax. A smaller sampling from this manual is available in video format on our Precor Coaching Center.


Queenax™ of the Week Workouts

Each week, our education team publishes a workout that can be done using Queenax. Examples of past Queenax of the Week workouts include: the 4D PRO® Superhero Workout, the Metabolic 1000 Challenge, Superfunctional Tabatas, and the Speed and Agility Series. Be sure to check back regularly for workout ideas to incorporate with your members and trainers.

With Queenax, it’s possible to run a variety of classes – some facilities are running over 20 each week! Possibilities include sports conditioning classes, metabolic training classes, bootcamps, suspension fitness training, circuit training, and more. Think of the value that Queenax, along with proper training from our Master Coach team, can offer your facility.

Want to learn more about Queenax functional training and our educational opportunities for your facility? Contact us today.

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[1] IHRSA 2015 Education Summaries