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Watch Media on Precor Consoles

Enjoy your favorite streaming media

Cast content directly from your phone to the console.

Step 1

Set up media before or during the workout. Before the workout, select the media tab and choose Live TV or PlutoTV.

Step 2

During the workout, tap on the Live TV button to toggle back and forth between workout and media views.

Step 3

From the media view, tap the screen to show channel options.

Step 4

Tap the blue column on the far left side to show content categories, such as comedy, news, and more.

Step 5

Tap a channel and the play button to change channels. The console remembers your last seven selections for easy access.

Step 6

During workouts exercisers see notifications each time the equipment prepares to automatically adjust speed or incline. During media views, exercisers can see and dismiss change notifications at all times.

Cast Your Favorite Media

Enjoy a Workout

Watch Entertainment