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Enjoy Precor Workouts

There are 4 categories of workouts:

Burn Calories

Workouts that focus on elevating heart rate and improving cardio fitness.

Build Muscles

Workouts with a greater emphasis on lower body strength to summit hills and work at incline.

Train Intervals

A dedicated set of high intensity interval training workouts.

Test my fitness

Workouts that measure fitness, and vary by cardio machine modality.

Step 1 - Select a workout

Featured workout cards offer a rotating set of suggestions to encourage training variety and help you get results. All workouts are organized by category based on your training goals. Search for workouts by swiping up and down or side-to-side.

Step 2 - Preview your selection

Confirm the details of your workout before hitting START. HIIT and HR workouts have additional set-up screens tailored to their unique functionality.

Step 3 - Enjoy the workout

Tap to expand or change any data point on the metric bar.

Step 4 - Adjust your intensity

Make rapid changes to speed, resistance and incline with Quick Keys. Tap to expand the Quick Keys icon, and select the arrow to position the keys on the right or left side of the screen. Hit the X to minimize Quick Keys.

Step 5 - Change a workout

Tap the home button to select a new workout. When the workout changes you'll get a "switching workout" notification. Exercise data will continue to accumulate until you end the workout.

Step 6 - End the workout

Hit the stop button to end the workout. From here, select Start Another Workout or Done. If you completed multiple workouts, you'll see a cumulative summary as well as results from your last session.

HIIT Workout Overview

HIIT Workout Settings

Slide or tap the speed, resistance and/or incline settings to optimize work and rest intervals. Adjust the total number of intervals at the bottom. The total workout time includes a 3-minute warm-up and cool down.

HIIT Workout Experience

During the workout you'll stay motivated with interval countdown clocks, visibility to completed and upcoming intervals, and a view of total progress towards your interval target.

Heart Rate Workout Overview

Heart Rate Workout Settings

Use the slider to choose a Target Heart Rate Zone you'd like to start in. Select your age or maximum heart rate to personalize your training zones. Tap the How It Works button for guidance getting the most out of the workout.

Heart Rate Workout Experience

Tap to change zones at any point during your training session. Enjoy feedback and accountability about your time in the target zone. Bring in your favorite heart rate interval workouts and switch zones freely.

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